Egypt Honeymoon Packages

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To express love for your partner, words are not enough! Planning the best Egypt honeymoon packages is the ideal way to sparkle the romance with your partner while adoring nature. Egypt has always been the most enticing spot for tourists. The banks of the Nile river are infused with enchanting vibes, and the breathtaking site of pyramids during the sunset makes it a must to go place during your honeymoon tour in Egypt. Throughout your trip, you can explore various beaches in Egypt and try different adventurous sports such as snorkeling, and water sports, and some scrumptious food around the coast. 

Best Places to Visit on Honeymoon Tour in Egypt

Pyramids of Giza

Recognized as one of the Seven Wonders, the Pyramid of Giza was earlier built as a tomb for the Pharaohs of Egypt. The Pharaohs are guarded by Sphinx, making the view stunning from each side and one of the best destinations to add to your Egypt honeymoon package. The building structure of this ancient site makes it worth wondering as the construction was done without any mechanism. At present, millions of tourists visit the place from around the world just to witness the iconic monument. 

Cairo Egyptian Museum

If you and your partner love craftsmanship, and historical expedition then you must visit the Cairo Egyptian Museum. The place is known to be one of the most popular museums in the world, as it is filled with numerous relics that can teleport you in past. The upper section of the museum has some fascinating mummies from the royal era including the eminence of King Tutankhamun. Each corner has a spell-bounding and captivating historical essence, so don’t forget to visit this place on your honeymoon in Egypt. 

St. Catherine’s Monastery

Located near the foot of Mount Sinai, this peaceful abbey is famous for its religious art and holy manuscripts. In order to reach the museum you have to hike the magnificent Mount Sinai. You can even plan your hike to see the beautiful sunrise or sunset. The St. Catherine’s Monastery is a must-go place whether you are with your family or on a honeymoon in Egypt. 

White Desert

Planning your Egypt honeymoon tour and didn’t add the White Desert? Well, not visiting the place is something you will regret. The White Desert in Egypt is the most surreal place that you can go with your partner. The dessert is filled with mountains that are chalk-shaped creating the look of mushrooms. The landscape of the place will make you feel like you have entered into a sci-fi movie. If you are a nature lover and love to go on an adventure, then this place will be the most unique sight to go for. 


If you and your partner love to go on shopping or want to start your day with some delicious, then the alley of Alexandria is the perfect place to go. Alexander the Great founded this place and was known to be the home of Cleopatra. The ambiance of this place is worth visiting with your partner. You can calm your mind and soul by relaxing near the seashore and walking hand in hand with your partner. 

Best Things To Do In Egypt

Visit the pyramids, & tombs

Well, this is definite, if you are planning to go to Egypt and thought to go to see the pyramids and ancient tombs. Various monument sites in Egypt by tourists every day, including Abu Simbel, Pyramid of Giza, Luxor’s Karnak Temple, and many more.  So, ensure to add these places to your bucket list for Egypt Honeymoon Package

Sip a tea at Riverboat restaurant

Known to be amongst the most soothing town in Egypt, Aswan is the ideal place to rest and unwind your stress. Here, you can take the ferry to Elephantine Island and stroll around in the colorful streets of Nubian Village. After the ride, you can hitch a camel ride and go sightseeing at St. Simeon.  While sipping some delicious tea on the riverboat watch the glorious sunset with your partner. 

Stroll around the Nile River

The great provider in Egypt, the Nile river is an incredible place to go on your Egypt honeymoon tour. For the people in Egypt, the place is a symbol of fertility offering food and electricity. You can get a view of the river from various monuments! Whenever you go to Egypt make your that you visit the river with your partner and appreciate its marvelous beauty. 

South Sinai

Want to explore beaches in Egypt and confused about which place to add to your Egypt honeymoon package? Don’t worry we have a perfect solution, South Sinai! The place has the most beautiful beaches located on the South Peninsula. The place is full of restaurants having international cuisines, and various entertainment spots. If you want to visit a modest beach, then Dahab is where you can go. The place has several adventurous activities that are budget-friendly. This destination is known to be one of the most extravagant places for diving, so if you want to explore corals and marine life then this is where you must take your loved ones. 

Shopping in Khan el-Khalili souk

Khan el-Khalili souk is the appropriate place if you want to shop for some souvenirs and ornaments. Around the market are some of the best examples of Islamic-era architecture still standing today. Little coppersmiths' studios sit beside stalls selling exotic spices and fragrant oils, and there are many more interesting things to see and buy. We have no doubt that you will discover something, or maybe many things, to purchase and take home with you.

Best Beaches In Dubai For Couples 

Ras Abu Galoum

Dahab, one of Egypt's most picturesque coastal cities, is home to the famous Abu Galoum beach. The seashore at Ras Abu Galoum in Dahab is one of a kind and very well-liked. This undeveloped stretch of beach is a welcome departure from the commercialized shores of other Egyptian destinations. This beach is well-known for its stunning, tranquil coral reefs and diverse, fascinating wildlife. Several opportunities for mountaineering and trekking exist in the adjacent mountain ranges. 

El Gouna

El Gouna, located on Egypt's eastern coast where it meets the northern Red Sea, has some of the country's most stunning sands. This beach has been built well, and there are plenty of first-rate facilities conveniently located near it. Relaxing on the powdery white sand of the beachfront with a glass of wine in hand or trying out one of the many exciting water sports available is a great way to spend time here. Do not forget to add this destination to your Egypt honeymoon package. 

Ras Um Sid

Situated in South Sinai, Ras Um Sid is one of the most reasonably priced Egyptian beaches that nevertheless provides all the comforts of home. A small selection of eateries just off the shore provides authentic, freshly prepared Egyptian street fare. If you're seeking a peaceful beach to have some snacks while watching the surf, you've found the right place. Sea adventurers and scuba divers often frequent this beach. You can easily find various Egypt honeymoon tour packages if you want to visit this place with your partner. 

Mahmya Island

The beach and the island of Mahmya are great places to visit with your partner. You can rent charter boats or go on a trip to explore the island thoroughly and see the beautiful, clear blue ocean teeming with fascinating marine life. This island's marine life is unlike any other, and it will captivate and amaze you! Enjoy delicious cuisine and your favorite beverages while relaxing on the beach on this colorful and lively island.

Where To Eat In Egypt

Le Pacha 1901

Take a trip down the Nile on this ship that never leaves port. The floating palace, which is located just off the shore of Cairo's posh Zamalek neighborhood, has nine restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world, including traditional and unusual Egyptian fare. Come back later for karaoke and some live music, or perform a duet with your special someone. Make your Egypt honeymoon package special by going there and spending some time with your partner. 


If you want to taste some typical Egyptian flavors along with having a classic Arabian aura, Sofra is where you have to go. It has different cuisines from charcoal to marinated kebabs! The restaurant serves a great number of portions at a very reasonable cost. If you are visiting the place during the hot afternoon, then try to go for a spacious rooftop setting. 


Looking for the best street food in Egypt? Zooba is amongst the best place in Egypt where you can find delicious food with some boldest flavors mixed with some local taste. The place has various food items such as kosher, shawarma, and so on. 

El Kababgy

Pleasing to your eyes, the typical Egyptian cuisine here at El Kababgy is the best thing you can experience while going to the coastal Sharm El-Sheikh. The restaurant has a rich-oriented cuisine making it one of the best grill restaurants in Egypt. 

Clubs to go in Egypt 

Little Buddha Hurghada

Visiting Little Buddha Hurghada and relaxing with a drink in hand can turn out to be one of your better life choices. At this pub, even if you're on your own, you won't be bored because of the fantastic atmosphere and the welcoming patrons. Some people may be put off by the building's shabby exterior, but the impressive inside more than makes up for it. Visit the place with your better half and enjoy your time and create some exotic memories. 

Crystal Live Lounge

Situated at the heart of Soho Square, Crystal Live Lounge holds its name by inviting musicians from around the world. If you are visiting the place during their happy hour, make sure you make the most of it. Remember to carry your ID card with you. 

Electric Bar

One of Egypt's trendiest bars, here you can kick back and relax! The music is the driving force behind the lively ambiance. Anybody looking to get their party on will appreciate how the electronic dance music (EDM) and luxurious decor set the tone. Keep in mind that Electric Bar does not serve patrons under the age of 21.

Best Time to Visit Egypt 

The months of October through April are ideal for a trip to Egypt because of the mild temperatures and clear skies that make sightseeing much more comfortable.

Yet the busiest months for tourism are undoubtedly December and January when the most popular attractions are swamped with visitors. But if you don't mind a lot of people, December and January are also great times to visit Egypt. So, plan your Egypt honeymoon package accordingly!

How to reach Egypt? 

By Air: Egypt has 2 major airports, one in Cairo and the other in Luxor. It even has some small terminals at Sharm El Sheikh and Aswan. 

By Bus: A direct bus travels on regular basis from Egypt to Israel. 

By Water: Several cruise ships travel throughout the tours in Egypt at Port Said or Alexandria. 

Egypt Honeymoon Packages

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4 Nights 5 Days Egypt Tour from Cairo
Duration: Cairo / 5Days / 4Nights
  • location Egypt,
  • Meals Meals
  • Activities Activities
  • Sightseeing Sightseeing
  • Breakfast Breakfast
  • Accommodation Accommodation
  • Excellent 57 Ratings : 05

Venture on a wonderful voyage to explore the capital city of the country, to experience the wonde...

Starting from
AED 2150
AED 1320

Faq's About Egypt Honeymoon Packages

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1. Which are the most romantic places in Alexandria?

Visiting Alexandria and looking for some most romantic places, well here are a few places that you can go to on your Egypt honeymoon package-

  • Skyroof Windsor
  • Zanilli Cafe
  • San Giovanni
2. Is Egypt the best destination For a Honeymoon?

Egypt is amongst the best honeymoon destination where you can explore various adventurous and fun activities. The places are the most remarkable destinations for newlyweds, where you can find contemporary luxury with its ancient past.

3. Are there diving spots in Egypt?

Egypt has the most captivating marine life which makes it famous among tourists. Explore the marine life and create some unforgettable experiences with your loved ones.

4. What are the most romantic things to do in Egypt?

Cairo is known to be the most famous destination for honeymoons in Egypt. You can spend some memorable time under the vibe of this romantic city. The tourist attraction entices its beauty more with historic culture and architecture.

5. How much does it cost for Egypt trip?

The cost for an Egypt trip varies by the days you are planning to stay, and how many people are traveling.